Holiday Gift Guide : Shop with Purpose

I might be a little late to the game but I really wanted to put together a holiday gift guide to mention some organizations that are making a difference and could use your support! Plus how cool is it to be able to give a gift that ALSO helps someone else? I’m going to try and mainly focus on some less known organizations, though Compassion and World Vision have great holiday gift books as well.

Walk In Love – TanzaniaWIL

Walk in Love’s aim is to assist and support families that are struggling to keep their children, a child relative, or an orphan in their homes and communities. Many women and families struggle to support their children and often have no other choice but to place them in orphanages or into families where children can be abused and neglected. Our mission is to empower women, families and communities by offering vocational training, small business loans, educational sponsorship, food programs, and employment opportunities to the women and families in our community. We also offer a service that is very foreign in Tanzania, a daycare. We provide a safe place for children to come to during the day. To often children are left at home to fend for themselves while their mothers are working. This is not an easy decision but one that single mothers have to make every day here in Tanzania. A mother can stay home and watch as her children waste away from malnutrition or she can leave her child behind in a home with no supervision while she makes enough money to pay the rent and pay for food. This is not an easy decision and one that we feel should not even have to be made. We opened up a free daycare so women in our community no longer have to worry about what will happen to their children during the day. The WIL Community Center is place where the community can come together, discuss their problems and come up with solutions.wil2

Though they do not currently have an online shop, if you happen to be in Kansas you can find their wonderful products at  A Fabulous Find! (5330 Martway, Mission KS). Or check out their facebook page, linked above, and consider sponsoring one of their children for just $40 USD a month.

Sidai Designs – Tanzania

Sidai Designs is a non-profit organization that supports Maasai women by collaborating with them to create and market high-end beaded jewelry based on traditional beading techniques that are infused with modern aesthetics.


Their aim to provide hope and a sense of purpose using traditional artistry and creativity. It’s our belief that sustainable employment will help overcome poverty, improve the womens’ social standing and increase their access to health and educational services, eventually helping their communities.

Proceeds from our jewelry are used to send the women to school; we’ve partnered with the Napokie Arusha School, where they can learn reading and writing, basic English and Swahili (nat’l language of Tanzania)sidai 2

Their website lists some shops you can visit to buy their jewelry or check out their online shop here!

SEW (Supporting + Empowering Women) – TanzaniaSEW

SEW (Supporting + Empowering Women) is a social enterprise that employs HIV+ women in Arusha, Tanzania. SEW seeks to end the stigma associated with HIV by demonstrating that HIV+ women are resilient, industrious and capable.

Our employees produce recycled items under the SEW label with our recycled fair-trade conference bag proving our most popular creation. These conference bags are a wonderful addition to any event, and can be ordered online. All profits are re-invested into providing our sewing mamas with additional skill development through sewing training, English classes and health/nutrition lessons.

Head their online shop here.

sew 2

Abide Family Center – Ugandaabide

Their goal is to reduce the number of children in orphanages in Uganda.  Abide family Center firmly believes that poverty should never be the reason children are separated from their families.

Since opening its doors in 2013, Abide Family Center has provided holistic, strengths based, social services to vulnerable families.  The center serves as a transitional living and learning facility by providing caregivers the tools necessary to move toward independence.
Families are referred to the center by local government officials and partner organizations who have determined the family’s need for supportive services rather than the removal of the child from the home.  A team of social workers works with families to create individualized care plans.abide2
The Lulu Tree – Uganda
Their mission statement says “preventing tomorrow’s orphans by equipping today’s mothers” which I think is the best mission statement ever.

As a ministry, they are committed to hiring Ugandan nationals who work amongst their own people, bringing healing and hope to the mothers of Katwe, Uganda.

They believe in entering the mothers’ environment and ministering to them where they are. We seek to equip mothers, to give them them the skills and resources necessary for caring for their children. They also desire to give these mothers a voice, and to remind them of dreams perhaps gone dormant within them. Our goal is to raise up leaders amongst these women so they in turn can mentor others.

They are a networking organization and believe in linking hands with other non-governmental organizations in the area doing similar work in partnership with the poor.LULU

Check out their beautiful little shop here.

Honorable mentions for organizations without shops but could still use your donations!

Neema House Baby Home – Tanzania, The Joshua Blueprint – Kenya, STEMM (Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministries) – Tanzania,


8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide : Shop with Purpose

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  2. Awesome idea! I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I saw that you posted a “gift guide” on The Peony Project thread, but wow. This is the kind of gifting that I can really get behind! Thanks for sharing these links!

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