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Give. How blessed is it to give rather than receive?

On this day I’m thinking about Jennifer. Probably because I picked her up from school today.

jenniferSee that smile? That’s because Jennifer is holding her report card for her first year of school. She’s 13, and she just finished her first year of school. How smart does she look in her school track suit by the way?

I’ve been blown out of the water by people’s generosity in helping to send Jennifer to school. A year ago today Jennifer was not in the best of situations, working as a house girl. She was being beaten. She did not receive wages, aside from shelter and food. She wore tattered old clothes. She had big big dreams and no way to achieve them.

I wrote to friends back home and within a few days the response was overwhelming. They wanted to help. They wanted to give. They wanted to show this little girl that her big big dreams were not too big. That everything is possible.Jennifer made straight A’s all year. We’re hoping to be able to test her into a higher class this next school year as she essentially just completed kindergarten (here they call it “prep”). Regardless of the age gap, she is just so thankful for this opportunity. And I am so thankful to be your hands and feet on the ground.

Thank you for giving.


7 thoughts on “FMF – Give

  1. imlovedbychrist

    This is truly awesome Kelly@ Been blessed by the posts on your blog and by the Work of God in Your life…Be blesssed sis!….am over here @ Kenya, it feels great to know you’re a missionary in neighbouring TZ! May God who began a good work in you, who is Faithful…bring it to bloom dear sis.

  2. What a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness. That is amazing and I am so happy this girl was given this opportunity to grow and learn and that your community was so giving. This is what the body of Christ is all about. Thank you for sharing. -Abby (visiting from FMF)

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