Tano Photo Tuesday

Welcome to this weeks TANO PHOTO TUESDAY!


This week was special because TUMAINI TURNED ONE! Seriously. I can’t believe this day came already. He got dressed up in the most handsome of clothes and we headed into town to celebrate his big day.2

We went to a western restaurant and ordered fish and chips! As I was breaking up small pieces for him to eat he reached over and grabbed the biggest piece on the plate and went to town. Apparently he really likes fish. I was going to get him cake but he ate so much I figured he probably shouldn’t eat more. 3

This is Neema, my neighbor. Sometimes her parents just send her off with me for the day. It’s really good practice for when I’m a mom some day, haha. Her dad drive a piki piki (motorcycle) and so he takes us into town where we catch the dala dala (minibus) to Neema House. There she plays with all the toys and other kids for a few hours before we head back to town. Usually she falls asleep on the dala dala back and then I carry her on my back around town while I run errands. Then I call her dad and he picks us up again and brings us back home!  She’s a champ.


Sunday we went out to Monduli for American Thanksgiving! Huge thanks to Lori for cooking an awesome and fairly traditional Thanksgiving meal. It was so delicious. I definitely ate too much, hah. Ben, Lori’s husband, took us on a drive up to Monduli Juu which was absolutely beautiful. Photos don’t even do it justice but this is just one of the views we had. The mountain in the middle that looks very pointy (and faint) is Ol Doinyo Lengai (which means Mountain of God is Maasai) which is actually an active volcano! How sweet right?


Monday I went with Gloria to the clinic to have some tests done. While (other) Kelly had to run in the supermarket, me and Gloria hung out in the car. She is SO clever and is talking so much these days. It’s so fun to watch her personality blossom. She also loves selfies.

It was a super full week, so hard to only pick 5 photos 🙂


2 thoughts on “Tano Photo Tuesday

  1. Loved reading your post this morning! So neat that you went to that American Thanksgiving meal. I believe that my friend Dolly (Heather) was also at that meal. She posted a very similar picture on FB. Neat that you know some of the people I know! 🙂 Love keeping in touch with TZ.

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