FMF – Notice

FMF-Notice-600x600There are a lot of things I’ve stopped noticing.

I no longer hear the mosque at 5 am, or the other times throughout the day. I can sleep through the chickens and roosters and children playing outside my window. I fall asleep on overcrowded dala dalas on the bumpiest of roads. I can walk around downtown alone and and not be bothered by the many many people trying to sell you something, anything.

daladalaI’ve stopped noticing the old woman sitting on her worn out kanga with her little cup asking for coins. I’ve stopped noticing the school children, eagerly approaching the “mzungu” to try and practice English. I’ve stopped noticing the boys that hang around downtown, looking for anything to fill their hungry bellies. I’ve stopped noticing the things that should break my heart.IMG_6953

We need to stop desensitizing. We need to engage. We need to notice every person, every sight, every moment. What have you stopped noticing?


7 thoughts on “FMF – Notice

  1. So very true. I am amazed at how many people are like this. it boggles my mind on how they can walk away from truth, from important things. As an adoptive parent, so many adults seem to not care about the orphans, the homeless, the foster kids, and so forth. it saddens me that with all the wealth we have, we still do not help those in desperate need.

  2. Your question – what have i stopped noticing. Oh goodness, too much!! Kate offered me an opportunity with her prompt to search my heart while writing and remind myself to open my eyes. Beautiful post. Thank you for following your call. Missionaries are heroes.

  3. Great post! It’s crazy how easily we become desensitized to things. Thanks for the reminder to keep our eyes, mind, and heart open. Keep on keeping on, sister! Stopping by from The Peony Project. 🙂

  4. Rachel G

    How true! It’s very important to not become dull to all that goes on around us. Though I can also relate to eventually not even noticing the call to prayer coming from the mosque–I lived within walking distance of a mosque for years. I’m sure if I went back the familiar-but-forgotten sound would startle me.

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