Tano Photo Tuesday

So I wrote up this whole post and then saved it and then it disappeared into no where! I seriously have no idea what happened. Anyway. Pole sana (very sorry) that there was no post last week due to the computer fiasco. Here we are resuming Tano photo Tuesday!


We are in the short rains season, which mostly means it rains at night and occasional downpours during the day. I’ve learned to take advantage of this by putting my bucket outside to catch the rain from the strategically placed gutter. This way I don’t have to fetch water. Rain water recycling = for the win.IMG_20141113_131550Now this guy… This guy probably lives somewhere nearby me because I see him quite often. He is also almost always wearing this shirt. People here LOVE Obama. Generally if someone hears you’re from America they will just say, OH OBAMA! YEAH!

I updated our photo wall at Neema this past week. We have 34 kids there now, 4 over “capacity”. Franki, our oldest, will be three at the end of the month and our youngest is Christopher who is just 1.5 months old.

IMG_20141110_162536BONUS EDITION. A group of our kids needed to have their heads shaved due to scalp infections and the like. Above is Tumaini. He looks so dang grown up without his precious head of hair. But I love him all the same. Below is Rose June, Ibrahim and Gian, and second photo is Memusi, Riziki and Franki.

IMG_20141112_163418IMG_20141111_133014 IMG_20141107_064220I like to think of this photo as “Mzungu Maasai” and “Tanzanian American”. Reason being that I always wear this traditional Maasai bracelet and Elicana has a habit of wearing this American flag bracelet since I’m American and all. We’re cute, I know.


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