Five Minute Friday – Turn


**this post is part of the Five Minute Friday link up over here.**

Sometimes I wonder,  about the mama’s who leave their babies. Did they turn back to look one last time? Did they just walk away as quickly as possible? Did they feel their heart up in their throat? Did they fight to hold back tears or did they run down their cheeks? Did their sobs echo through empty hallways? Did they consider running back and picking up their child again. Did they consider and reconsider and consider again if there was another option?IMG_4919

Did they know they could find a safe place? Did they know there was help? Did they know they could be part of their child’s future? They could still give their child their best chance, without leaving.IMG_3802

My heart breaks over and over for these Mama’s. For their children. For their futures. Will these children grow up to abandon their own children? Will the cycle of poverty never be broken.

IMG_5314Can we help turn it all around?

(this post was partially inspired by day to day life here in Tanzania and this article I saw yesterday. )


8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Turn

  1. What precious pictures~! Those littles are so adorable. And they are so blessed to have you there with them. Looking into the faces of those children does make one wonder if the Mamas thought about turning around and making a different choice. Bless you, Kelly. #fmfparty

  2. Wow what an inspiring and thought provoking post! My husband and I are actually praying about a missions trip to Tanzania next year so it is interesting that I happened upon your page. My heart cries out for these precious faces.

    1. Thank you Sarah. And Tanzania is an incredible country. I encourage anyone who has the chance to visit, to come. Karibu sana (you are very welcome). If you end up with any questions or just want to bounce anything off someone already there feel free to message me. 🙂 Take care.

  3. iamkellyann

    This breaks my heart. Thank you for still loving those mommas. It’s easy to feel disgust and anger towards these mothers (and fathers) that give up their children, and to forget that they did it out of pure desperation.

    The article that inspired you to write this is even more heartbreaking! It reminded me so much of the Baby Box that Pastor Lee Jong-rak created in South Korea. My husband and I are planning on moving to South Korea to teach English after I graduate, and I hope that while we’re there, we’ll be able to meet him & work with him in some way.

  4. What beautiful babies! And I’m sure it breaks the mamas’ hearts. Poverty can do horrible things to people. Thank you for being part of the solution and working to turn things around.

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