Tano Photo Tuesday!

Here we are again for tano (five in swahili) photo tuesday! To be honest in the chaos of everything, (and the fact that its suddenly November!), I almost forgot today is Tuesday!

Thankfully I had brought my camera to visit the babies today.

1472765_10152339025666567_3392684473761571020_nThis is from last week, another new dress (they come with matching scarves/baby carrier/waist wraps/ect) and the patterns are so lovely it can be hard to refuse. Tumaini LOVES to be carried like so. Michael insisted to be in this picture and then refused to smile. He’s all independent and doing his own thing these days.

IMG_9450Can we talk about how precious this girl is? Oh my goodness. Gloria is getting so grown up these days, being that she’s about 3 1/2 now. She is talking all the time, telling on all the other kids, and bossing them around like crazy. She also loves to hold and help feed the littlest babies.

IMG_9457Now that Zawadi has been adopted, these two stick together like glue. Gloria and Angel, bffs. Note that for whatever reason Gloria wanted to pose with a stick, and Angel girl has her half pout face on. Model status. Hah.

IMG_9511Tumaini doesn’t really know he’s suppose to smile when the camera is out. But regardless I love this little boy. Also I got my hair braided on saturday, what’s up! Saturday my head hurt more than anything ever (as they tie on the other hair super super tight), but by Sunday morning it had passed. Two from the bottom in the back have already fallen out, and it feels SO weird to “have” long hair again, so I’m not sure how long I’ll keep them in.

IMG_9607This past week we welcomed ANOTHER little girl. She is currently going by Munira, the name of one of the Doctors at the government hospital. She was abandon at a local hotel, supposedly where her father works. Social welfare is working to get to the bottom of things and hopefully we will know more about her (like her name and date of birth) and hopefully be able to reunite her with family!


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