31. Leave – 31 days TZ

THIS IS IT. THE LAST POST IN THE WRITE31 DAYS SERIES! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a little peak into life in Tanzania. Stay tuned for regular blogging to commence in November, including Tano Photo Tuesday and regular Five Minute Friday’s as well as other posts of interest.FMF-Leave-600x600

I’ve watched many people leave.

You’d think I’d be use to it. I spent many summers working at camp. Then there was my times working with Youth Encounter. All of these things have a constant of people leaving.

Then I entered the world of “short termers”. Especially here in Arusha, so many people come for such a short time. Maybe 2 weeks. Maybe a month or two. Heck if I’m really lucky they stay 4 months…. or longer!DSC_6563

When I first arrived at the Neema volunteer house there were 4 other people living there. Susan, who only had about one month left in her 1 year commitment. Sissy and Sydney, a mother and daughter couple. And Hannah, who was halfway through a 9 month commitment.

1IMG_1107Many many people came and left in the 10 months I lived in the volunteer house, but I think Hannah was the one I missed the most. Maybe it was because she was one of the first I met. Maybe it was because the day I arrived (at 4 in the morning) there was a bottle of water and a nice little note from her waiting on my bed. Maybe it was because we were quite similar in a lot of ways. Regardless, I’ve been blessed to keep in touch with her while she’s back home, and I am awaiting her return!

IMG_1899The thing with living in a volunteer house is I had the opportunity to meet many people from many many places. It also meant spending holidays and special occasions with people I only knew for a short time. But it was the work, loving and caring for these precious little babies, that brought us together.


4 thoughts on “31. Leave – 31 days TZ

  1. We made it to the end, congrats! I can relate to your experiences with the volunteers, had that every time I lived abroad. It is a coming and going and I am always glad when I can stay in touch with people. Hope you find some friendships that last longer than just a few months!

    1. We thank you Leah. I love the ministry compassion does by the way. 🙂 I’m sure your compassion kids are so lucky to have you as their sponsor. Maybe you’ll make it here to visit some time?

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