29. Unite – 31 days TZ


I know I wrote about the joy of joining families together earlier this month but for this I wanted to focus on a special family.

IMG_3750This is Elisha, formally Elliot. He was very premature and didn’t even weight 1 kilo when he was born. He was abandon at the hospital, and spent his first 4 months there, growing ever so slowly. Finally when he was just over 2 kilos he was released to Neema House.

When I met Elliot, he was about 1.5 years old. He was a sweet sweet shy little guy with big eyes and a beautiful smile. When he was just over 2 years old, he finally found his forever family, or I guess, they found him.

IMG_3762This family lives nearby and had lost their own son in a tragic accident. When they first came to Neema they both openly wept the loss of their son. But they also expressed such hope and joy in wanting to adopt. They were matched with Elliot and once the paper work was finished, months and months later, he got to go home with them!

The even better part is a few months afterward, this family also adopted Zawadi who had been abandon at birth. Her and Elliot are pretty close in age and now they get to live together forever!


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