28. Wake – 31 days TZ

BUTTONOne of my favorite moments to arrive at the orphanage is right before nap time ends. I especially love walking up to Tumaini’s crib and whispering his name. His eyelids start to flutter. I say his name a bit louder. He opens his eyes and looks around. Then his eyes meet mine and a huge smile spreads across his face. He stands up in his bed and reaches out, above the gate. I grab his hand and then reach for the latches. He knows to sit back down while I open his crib so he doesn’t fall out.

IMG_7992When I open his crib he reaches out immediately. I pick him up and he’s full of giggles. This blesses my heart.

We watch the sleepy toddlers come running out of their beds. They run up and hug my knees before continuing on their way to their play room.

IMG_8326It’s a beautiful thing to watch all these littles wake up.


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