27. Free – 31 days TZ

BUTTON((pushing through… just a few days left in this 31 day challenge)


Coming from the US, home of the brave and land of the free, this word carries a lot of weight.  But what does freedom look like here in Tanzania?

Honestly I’m not really sure. When your government is so corrupt, as is the case here, and when your constitution has been being rewritten for ages, lines can seem a bit blurred.

I think about the young girls, whose parents send them to the big cities to find work, hopefully as house help for a wealthy expat family. I think about the children unable to go to school, forced into the family business (usually of agriculture) to survive. I think of the women, who so often have a lesser chance of ever receiving education.

But I also see small business booming. People who were given a small chance, a small glimmer of hope, that turned it into something beautiful. A woman I have been coming to know owns a safari company and a local bar/restaurant. She works hard and holds her head up and doesn’t let anyone tell her she can’t do something just because she is a woman.

The more I look around the more it seems the gap between men and women is lessening, though still apparent. I hope to see the day when women everywhere are free to live lives of opportunity equal to those of men.


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