26. Visit – 31 days TZ

BUTTONTanzanian culture is very welcoming.

The more often you have people visiting your home the more status you have. The more often you have wazungu (white people) visiting your home EVEN MORE status you will have. For this reason I am often invited to the homes of people I have just met, though often I do not visit.

IMG_2420Some of the nannies for Neema live very close by and so I’ve been able to visit quite a few of their homes. Though modest, it’s obvious they take pride in having a home. The walls are often decorated with posters and every surface is covered in a crocheted doily or fabric placemat of sorts.IMG_2421

Even in the most simple of homes, you are welcomed for chai or soda. Occasionally even a meal. I heard in a sermon here once that, especially in Maasai land, if you are invited for “maji kidogo” (a bit of water) it actually means get ready to feast. It’s the polite way to let everyone know the hosts have prepared a meal for their guest but not the whole village is invited. IMG_6133

The practice of hospitality is so warm and alive here. I’m sure we could all learn something from this aspect of Tanzanian culture.


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