25. Enjoy – 31 days TZ


Oh how I get to enjoy watching these little ones grow.

Some come into our care so small, so fragile, so helpless. Like little Maxine, our littlest miracle.

Some are premature, some are part of twins or triplets. Some had malnourished mothers. Some lost their mothers in child birth and other family members tried to take care of them, but did not have the resources. Some have been neglected and abandoned.

But they grow and they begin to thrive and they learn. I’ve gotten to watch as so many of these little ones grow into their own little personalities.

Memusi 13 months and 2 months
Memusi 13 months and 2 months


Gloria 2.5 yrs and 1.5 yrs
Tumaini 11 months and 1 month
Elisha 3 months and 2 weeks