24. Dare – 31 days TZ

BUTTONI remember so clearly, back in March 2013, sitting in my cubicle in Minnesota. Winter was dragging on and on and on. I was looking at my pictures from my first trip to East Africa hanging on the walls. My heart swelled with peace and joy. My heart longed. The next thing I knew I was googling “orphanages in Tanzania” and before I knew it I was emailing back and forth with the founder of a baby home in Arusha.

My initial interest stated I was thinking about coming to volunteer for a month. This way I could (hopefully) keep my job. A month away isn’t all that long. I would still be able to return to my normal life. My 9-5. My comfortable house. My friends and community.

But then I felt God ask a big question. He said, “Do you dare to give up comfortable?” And I remember thinking about that for a long time. The next email I sent to the founder said, “What if I am thinking about coming for a year….”

Well… I’m still here.


17 thoughts on “24. Dare – 31 days TZ

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  2. What an amazing journey you are on! So glad you dared to step out in faith and love on those babies! I’m a little bit jealous! May God use you to shower the kids with deep peace and love!

    -FMF neighbor

      1. S'ambrosia

        I’m glad you fixed it. ha
        I’ve wanted to leave comments a few times too, so now I’m happy I can. 😀

  3. SO incredible. I’m struggling with giving up what is comfortable and your brave decision is just more proof that giving up what’s comfortable is so what the Lord desires for us 🙂 I’m so glad I found your blog through The Peony Project!

  4. leahmancl

    Wow! Incredible. I only hope that I would have the same amount of faith that you do. A whole year away? That’s a huge commitment!

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