20. Fear – 31 days TZ


Many times people ask me if I’m afraid. If I fear for my safety. If I feel at risk.

Honestly, most of the time I am not afraid of all the things people expect me to be afraid of. I’m not afraid of walking around alone. I am not afraid of catching HIV or Ebola or ringworm. I am not afraid of being robbed. I am not afraid of getting in a car accident.

Though I probably have plenty of reason to be afraid. People are dying every day. I know of a few people who have been held up at gun point and robbed. I hear the stories of women being shot at while driving around town. The stories of the bombs at local places. The reckless dala dala and piki piki drivers. There is plenty to fear.

But will I let this fear control me. Will I live in a big house with an alarm system and an electric fence and only leave with an armed guard? Will I give up and return back to the United States? Am I really any safer there?

Life isn’t about being safe. It makes me think of the line from Narnia where (when asking about the lion Aslin) someone says “but is He safe?” and the response is “who said anything about safe? But He is good”.

I know my God is good. And because of that I don’t need to worry about being “safe”.



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