18. Taste – 31 days TZ


Food in Tanzania is different. For one, the staple food of Tanzania is something called Ugali . It doesn’t really taste like anything, but it’s a stomach filler. It’s just water and maize flour.

Ugali and Cabbage
Ugali and Cabbage

Another big deal here is “tea time” but here tea is chai. It can be milk chai or black chai, but milk chai is generally more popular. Chai time is around 10 am (or second breakfast) and occasionally you can also have chai time in the afternoon.



We eat a lot of rice as well, in substitution for Ugali. Though many Tanzanians would say it is not a meal if it does not include ugali. Beans and rice are common food as well as a meat and spice rice dish called Pilau.IMG_20140324_140418 taste3


And there you have it. Some of the “tastes” of Tanzania




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