17. Long – 31 days TZ


It just so happens that today I’m sick. Most likely just the by product of some “off” food I ate last night, but quite yucky nonetheless.

Nothing makes you long from home like being sick. Or at least I long for comforts. I long for a big soft bed. I long for a western toilet. I long for saltines and ginger ale.

Thankfully, I haven’t been sick much while living in Tanzania. Back in January I came down with what was possibly the worst flu of my whole life. I was mainly bedridden for four days, aside from when I could pull myself to the bathroom. Now THAT was miserable.

Just before that bout of illness I had a wisdom tooth removed. Here. In Tanzania. (And might I add it only cost my about $25 USD). So it was a few days recovery from that, and a week later that flu hit me.  Talk about a bummer.

In those weeks I longed to be in the States. To be able to be comfortable. To have someone looking over me. To know that the chances of me having some rare and life threatening tropical disease would be slim to none.

But the illnesses pass. The days of laying in bed don’t last. The longings creep in at other times for different things, but I know that if I leave here I will long to be back.

Again… it’s about having your heart in two places.


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