16. Adjust – 31 days TZ

BUTTON16. Adjust

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but there are some subtle adjustments in my thoughts since moving to Tanzania. For instance, when I watch a movie and I see someone drink water straight from the tap I’m alarmed. Then I remember, most places it’s totally okay to do that.

The buckets I hold my water in at home

I’ve become accustom to using a bucket full of water and a cup to shower. It’s really not the difficult and if you’re smart and don’t even need all the much water. I am however thankful for the gas stove where I can heat the water first.

It’s normal to leave a significant amount of time before I need to get somewhere because it will probably involve quite a bit of walking, and waiting around for a slightly less crowded dala dala. I hardly ever drive since I don’t own a car, but when I do I now know to drive on the other side of the road.

I’ve also adjusted to needing to set aside a significant amount of time to cook. Nothing is “instant” or prepared ahead. Everything is from scratch. I can’t even count how many google searches I’ve done on “how to make X from scratch”. But I have learned to make some very delicious things.IMG_7459

So many things that at first were so different from what I am use to have become more norm. To the extent that usually I don’t even remember that they’re different.


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