14. Away – 31 days TZ


Being away as meant missing a lot.

I’ve missed weddings, babies being born, graduations, and other big life events in those dear to me.

It’s not that I don’t want to be there, but it’s just part of the problem with of having your heart in two places.IMG_20130912_195538

My heart is will all of you in the States. I think of the countless meals shared and laughs heard and open arms with falling tears. I think of the nights spent talking about our hopes and dreams. I think of the roadtrips and coffee breaks. I think of all the little moments in between. And I long for you.

IMG_20140526_100306But my heart is also here. Among the dirt roads and roaming chickens. Among the speeding motorcycles and overcrowded mini busses. Among the hugs and kisses of my little children. Of the laughs and language struggles of my local friends. Under the view of Mt Meru and the jacaranda trees. My heart is here.

IMG_20140304_131417So it seems no matter where I am I’ll always be away from something, but maybe that is the richness of life. The richness of knowing the love of to places.


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