12. Rest – 31 days TZ



How very crucial to life is rest? And when we don’t rest, we get restless. I learned this the hard way. After 11 months of practically non-stop work I was so restless. I was antsy. I needed a break.IMG_6751

Thankfully when I mentioned this to boyfriend he was ready to drop everything and run away to the coast for a week.

As I sat on the shores of the Indian Ocean I couldn’t help but be blown away by the perfection of it all. The way the sky hits the water just right. The way the water seems to reflect a million shades of blue and green. The way the sand feels between my toes. The beauty of it all.IMG_6862

The week I was there I spent a lot of time just sitting, or laying, on the beach. Staring at the water. Resting, truly resting. IMG_7164


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