9. Join – 31 days TZ


Joining families together.

One of the most beautiful things about my time at Neema House baby home has been seeing families join together.

There have been beautifully precious abandon little ones, welcomed into new families. Little ones who had been left helpless with no one to fend for them, and I’ve watched time after time as someone comes forward and says “I will fight for this one, I will love this one”.

There have been children who have lost their mothers before they ever had the chance to know them, who have been able to thrive and grow strong in the care at Neema House, and who have been invited and welcomed back into their families when they were strong and healthy. Their fathers and siblings and sometimes even new mothers, wrapping their loving arms around them to take them home.

Beautiful beautiful stories of reunification. Stories of forever families found. Here are a few children I’ve gotten to see welcomed home.  [click picture to enlarge]

Starred Photos3


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