7. Go – 31 days TZ


Gotta go…. potty.

Kaa ya potty! Fanya ma poo. Kojoa.

I don’t think I envisioned my time here in Tanzania to include potty training 13, 18 to 34 month olds. Nope, didn’t even cross my mind.IMG_20140830_133608

It’s hilarious though. The Mamas (nannies) get out 13 little plastic potties. Everyone takes off their pants and sits on the potties in a big group. And sits. And sits.

The Mamas often tell us its normal to start potty training as soon as a child can sit. That way you don’t have so much laundry to do all the time. So for most children, that means 6-8 months. They can’t believe how old we’ve let some of these kids get before even trying the potty.


Gloria, who is 2 1/2 has decided she loves to use the potty, even if she doesn’t need to. She’ll run up to me in the normal child-clutching-their-bladder pose saying “potty potty potty” and it’s known she’s gotta go! We half run down the hallway to the little potties and she drops her draws and sits down. When she finishes she always announces what she has left in the little potty.

It’s safe to say, potty training here with these 13 has given a whole new definition to potty training.



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