5. Stuck – 31 days TZ


One day we set out on an adventure to visit another orphanage, about an hour away. We sort of had an idea of where we were going but not 100%. We attempted to take what we thought would be a short cut. As we went along, the entire road ahead of us was a skinny little mud trail. We decided to try it, but within second were regretting the decision.

The SUV slid and sputtered as it tried to gain traction. To the left was all up hill, no help to us, and to the right was a weak fence, “protecting” us from falling off a small ledge into someone’s small back yard.

After a few moments of sliding I decided I couldn’t handle it. I had to get out of the car. Flash back after flash back of my car accident in Tanzania 2012 were playing in my head. I hopped out and headed up the hill a bit, away from the mud and sliding car.

IMG_20140416_192330After awhile a group of 6 boys came along, probably all around 12 years old. They helped push the car to safety, out of the treacherous mud, and out onto more solid dirt. They were each rewarded with about 500 tsh (around 30 cents) which they happily ran off with.

I got back in the car, and let out a sigh of relief. We set back out on the correct road and made it to our destination.

Sometimes getting stuck is just part of life in Africa, or anywhere really. Our misfortune of getting stuck, led to these boys finding a way to earn some pay and feel useful, and we still made it to our destination after all.


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