1. Move – 31 days TZ

BUTTON31 days. 5 minute free writes on a word prompt. Thoughts on life in Tanzania. If you missed the description post, you can find it here. Move. I remember packing. And unpacking. And re packing. And packing again. What do I need? What don’t I need? What can I really live without. IMG_20130923_120130I remember being in the Thorson’s basement in small town Minnesota. Here was a pile to donate to the thrift store. Here was a pile of trash. Here was a pile of stuff to try and pack in my two suitcases or carry ons. Lastly a smaller pile, stuff to keep for when I come back. When I come back…. if I come back. I remember having those thoughts. I remember starting to tell everyone I was going for a year. A year in Tanzania. Then a few months before leaving it turned into, well… maybe more than a year, I’m not really sure. Now, having been here for a year I know I’m not going back any time soon. So did I really move? Did I move to Tanzania with no real preparation, no real idea of when I was coming back? IMG_20130925_183256 I’ve thought about this a few times. If I could repack what my bags would look like. They definitely would have been different. Arusha is readily stocked with most western items. I wouldn’t need shampoo for a year, or a zillion baby wipes for the orphanage. These things I can buy here. But there are some things more crucial, contact solution, an extra pair of glasses… decaf coffee. Things I should have packed (or packed more of). So did I really move here? I’m still trying to figure that out to be honest. But I know with every day that passes here feels more and more like home.


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