31 Day challenge

I’ve never really been good at these sort of things. The “do this every day for a month” things… But when I saw this one, I felt it would be a really good idea. Especially because October is month 13 of living in Tanzania. AKA I’ve survived the one year mark. Some of you may be familiar by now that I have been doing what is called “Five Minute Friday”. Well, Kate over at FMF headquarters posted about the “31 day challenge” with quite a daunting but intriguing list of word prompts for the month! Especially because her list of words is based on 31 days of life in South Africa, I thought, why not do 31 days of living in Tanzania! Five-Minute-Free-Writes-buttonSo 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes is a “challenge within the challenge,” so to speak — namely, to post every day in the month of October, but to write each post in only five minutes flat.  Stay tuned for what will hopefully be a challenge I don’t give up on! BUTTON

(Links will be added as posts are made)
1. Move
2. View
3. New
4. Learn
5. Stuck
6. Know
7. Go
8. Say
9. Join
10. Care
11. Teach
12. Rest
13. Work
14. Away
15. Life
16. Adjust
17. Long
18. Taste
19. Honor
20. Fear
21. Second
22. Expect
23. Look
24. Dare
25. Enjoy
26. Visit
27. Free
28. Wake
29. Unite
30. First
31. Leave

I DID IT. I actually completed this challenged and posted every day on the wordprompt of the day! Thank you for following along.


3 thoughts on “31 Day challenge

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