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So, total “TIA” (this is Africa) welcome to dry season. The power has been going off for most of the day, every day. Yesterday however it went off around 9am and stayed off until 11:30pm… which by that point was near sleep and was not going to put together this blog post. So it’s Wednesday,but sometimes that’s just life…. In addition to our electricity being off most days apparently city water has been off for about a week now… and our back up tank ran dry three days ago. I can definitely say I would rather be without electricity than water. We (and by we I mean our night guard/gardener extraordinaire ) was able to come up with the temporary solution of pumping water from the creek behind our house so we could at least flush toilets and wash stuff up. And we can’t drink the tap water without filtering it first anyway, so it’s not a huge deal.


But anyway, on with the photos right? There are all crappy cell phone quality… and a lot of Tumaini. Pole sana (very sorry).



Okay, technically this photo is from last Sunday… so not even in this week buuuut this was the first day I saw Tuma after my holiday away. He was sleeping at first so I just held him and waited for him to wake up. When he woke up and heard me saying his name he kept blinking his eyes trying to focus and then he just laughed and laughed and laughed. So precious. I might have cried a little….


I found this shirt in the drawers when I was looking for some clothes to change Tumaini into one day and even though it’s for 6-9 months (and he usually wears 12 month) I made him wear it because it’s ridiculously awesome.



Angelous, Angel (twins) and Baraka turned two on Wednesday! And it’s normal practice to let the birthday kid(s) cut the cake so here is three 2 yr olds holding a giant knife (with Mama Musa’s guidance). Also, Mama Musa has taken to making all the birthday/event cakes and she’s getting pretty elaborate. It’s awesome.


Tumaini really liked the cake. This is not the most flattering picture but now that he has like 8 teeth he’s super about eating. When he was supposed to drink his yogurt smoothie shortly after this he threw a tantrum because he wanted more cake. So much for Tanzanian’s not liking sweets.



Beulah went home with her dad and new mom on Saturday! Her dad had been coming quite a bit recently to get Beulah to warm up to him. Her mother had died in childbirth and now her father has remarried and felt it was time to bring Beulah home. She has 4 older siblings, a sister and 3 brothers. It was so precious to see her interact so normally with all of them. Reunification is such a beautiful thing.



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