Tano Photo Tuesday : Bonus edition

So I decided to combine tano photo Tuesday with extra photos from my Kigamboni getaway! Yes. I had a getaway. I’m coming up on having been here in Arusha, Tanzania for a FULL year and I had barely gotten out of the area!


And I really mean bus. Welcome to the Kilimanjaro express. For about $20 USD you can get a ticket to ride this classy coach all the way to Dar es Salaam. Nevermind that we left at 9:30 am and arrived in Dar around 10:30 pm…..(Flights to Dar are closer to $150USD)

IMG_6751Seeing as we got in so late, we stayed in the city that night and the next morning walked a ton, took a dala dala and finally hopped on the ferry and cruised across the bay. Then we took a bajaji (a little three-wheeled golf kart looking thing) out to the area where we would be staying. (travel is always interesting) Paradise.

The second day we were there  I lounged in the sun (and totally got roasted). We got  this little octopus for 1,000 TSH for (approx .60 cents). We brought it over to this local guy who had a little cookery set up near the beach and he made a boiled soup out of it for dinner. Apparently totally normal thing to do. I got prawns, which were DELICIOUS, though I wasn’t a huge fan of the octopus soup. (Fun fact: the octopus turns purpley when cooked.)

We spent 4 lovely days on the beach. What an incredible little get away.

IMG_7346This is the beach side fish market. The fishermen literally come up from their boats, clean off their fish a bit and put them on this table where you barter for your dinner. We walked away with a small squid and two small fish which were prepared with veggies for dinner. So delicious. Talk about fresh right? hah


Here’s the bonus EXTRA pictures from my getaway