FMF – Whisper


I’m listening for a whisper.

I listen in the winds. I listen in the stillness. I listen in the chaos. I listen in the peacefulness.

Where are You?

IMG_7085Where are You while the babies are dying and the mothers are sobbing and the fathers are beating their wives?

Where are You when the bodies of infants are pulled from the waste ponds?

IMG_7098Where are You when the blood of another mother continues to pour out, losing her life at the hands of negligence?

IMG_7175Where are You when the man is beaten to death for stealing a kilo of maize flour to feed his starving children?

I know You are here. I know You are. I am listening. I am trying to hear. I know You can ask the same of me, where am I? What am I doing? Am I helping?

IMG_7100Let me be Your whisper of hope. Let me be Your whisper of life. Let me be Your whisper of promise of what’s to come.


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