Tano Photo Tuesday

Alright. My computer has been boycotting me trying to make this post so let’s see if I can actually get it to work…


These first two pictures are some water fun! The weather is finally starting to warm up again, and since the kids are working on potty training they were all mostly naked anyway. They were so excited to have the water buckets again. So much fun.
IMG_20140830_123907Speaking of potty training… here is what it looks like to have 12 littles (1.5 to 2.5 yrs old) sitting on their little potties. This is almost a daily occurrence but success is very limited… though one of these days, Baraka came up to me (while already naked) and said “potty” so I said “okay go get a potty and bring it here” so he brought over a little potty, sat down for a while and then when he stood up he had actually peed! It didn’t know it was possible to be so excited about pee. Hah.


IMG_20140828_183822This photo is a preview photo for the upcoming post about piki pikis! Here is one of the “pick up” stops. Stay tuned for when I actually have time to write about them (and get some awesome photos…)


Also! Monday (yesterday) I brought Jennifer back to school. We stopped and had some delicious nyama choma mbuzi (roasted goat meat). I wish I had thought to take a picture, but I was too involved in eating… maybe next time.