Five Minute Friday: Reach



Little hands, little fingers. Reaching stretching up for hands to hold. 10346270_10152141548941567_7748477579624064091_n

Teeny tiny hands. Teeny tiny fingers. Reaching stretching from their beds.1003927_10151733234346567_1437783257_n

Children, they know to reach. They know sometimes reaching means stretching and trying as hard as they can to get something. Or to get to you. IMG_5195

Have we forgotten how to reach? Have we forgotten that in life things don’t always get handed to us, but that sometimes you have to reach. You have to work. Just like that little one just learning to scoot across the floor to get to that toy they have their eye on. It’s a lot of work as they scoot along, using their arms, pulling their body behind them. But they reach and reach and eventually they get there.

I think I forgot for a while what I was reaching for. I’m starting to remember now. It’s to show love. It’s to show grace. It’s to learn and grow and become part of something bigger than myself. It’s worth it to reach. It’s worth it to fight. It’s worth it to struggle and push and toil. IMG_5793

***this is a link up with Kate Motaung’s 5 minute friday. Read more about it here.