Tano photo Tuesday


Tumaini has 5 teeth working their way in these days! Totally unflattering picture but its hard to show them coming through a bit. He’s growing up so fast! He loves when I hold his hands and let him “walk”. Though he cannot stand on his own yet, pretend walking is just about his favorite thing. AND now he’s 9 months and 1 week old.IMG_6585

Zawadi and Gloria are little lovebugs. They’re both talking a ton these days, especially Gloria. Again, it’s so crazy to see how much these kids have been growing up. ALSO this dress I’m wearing, I found at the used clothing market in town. Back in the states I had the same dress in two different colors that I got rid of before coming here. They were my favorite ever so I was pretty excited to find this one!

On Saturday Maxine went home! Little itty bitty Maxine who was barely 2 pounds when she was born.(click through for story) So many people didn’t think she would live. She was adopted by this wonderful Kenyan woman and her Scottish husband. They live just a stones throw from Neema so I’m sure we will still see Maxine a bit!


This one is just for fun. Michael decided he didn’t feel like wearing a shirt anymore, so he took it off. Then he tried to figure out how to put his hands in his pockets to pose for a photo. Later he decided he wanted to take his pants of as well. Silly boy.

IMG_20140826_130000Here are the little Maasai twins who I wrote about here. They are still at Neema with their Mama but they are doing a bit better these days. Their Mama has been able to start producing milk thanks to being fed graciously at Neema. They both seem to have some significant bone deformities, or at the very least tone problems. They will be seeing our regular pediatrician soon as we try to figure out what is best for them, but it was so good to see they are putting on weight and are becoming more alert.