Five Minute Friday – Change


I find myself thinking of you. Tumaini. 9 months old now. They say you learn a lot with your first born. I may not be your mother, but I’ve watched you grow. I’ve watched you change.


I remember when you arrived. Three days old. Bleary eyed and hungry, but a big boy. 3.4 kg,(7 1/2 lbs) quite big by Tanzanian standards. Yellowed eyes with jaundice, but healthy boy.

I remember getting everyone dressed up for Christmas. You had this cute little onesie that said “my first Christmas”. You were just about one month old.DSC_5561

I remember when the volunteer came who was a physio therapist. She was deeply concerned with your development. Possible reflexes common with cerebral palsy she said. He needs a lot of special one on one exercise time, she said.

IMG_2699I remember the countless hours I spent working with you. Trying to help you reach your milestones. I remember the first time you grabbed your own feet. I remember the first time you rolled over. I remember cheering and telling everyone.

IMG_3966I remember when you first sprouted your two bottom front teeth. I know it was probably quite painful, but it was still so exciting!tuma teeth

Now watching you grow and change. You love standing up. You move your feet to walk if I’m holding your hands. You have 5 teeth working their way in. I love you little man.


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