Tano Photo Tuesday

I’ll be honest, this weeks Tano photo tuesday is going to be a bit lame. Pole (sorry)… I just didn’t take many pictures this week.. and they’re all from my cell phone!

IMG_20140814_114818As you can always count on, here is a ridiculously adorable photo of Tumaini. Unfortunately he’s been having terrible diaper rash and so every now and again he gets to have a special bath in tea water. He really likes to splash around.

IMG_20140812_223046This is “Escape 2” otherwise known as “Dada Maggie’s place” (pronounced Maagay). She’s a new friend of mine (and an old friend of Olee’s). We hang out here every now and again, its nice to feel like a local here.

IMG_20140818_133758Little Zawadi got her hair did up and it was looking ridiculously precious. She didn’t quite smile for this photo, but she was happy I promise.

IMG_20140818_123612Tumaini has been messing with his nap schedule and so the other day he just straight up fell asleep right after lunch. I’m not complaining though because it meant extra snuggle time.

IMG_20140817_171504AAAAAAND I made chips and salsa! Tons of work and not really sure if it was worth it but they were decent at least. Mexican food is pretty non existent here. I’ve heard there is one sort of decent place but its on the opposite side of town so I’ve yet to venture there.

So there you have it!