Tell – Five minute friday

Incase you missed it you can read about what Five Minute Friday is here.


I came back to Tanzania with one major thing in mind. Telling the precious little children I would encounter of their worth. Telling them they matter. Telling them I love them. Telling them they are sons and daughters of the King of kings. Telling them they were princes and princesses.


That’s still my hope. But so much more than words, actions are so important here. And its not just the little children, but its the old woman begging on the street corner, the man working hard and getting paid far too little, the dala dala conductor hanging halfway out the van, the guards who sit outside of the fancy houses they’ve never seen the inside of.

It means walking slower than you ever thought possible, because it’s not about where you’re going but the journey with people.


It means greeting every person you pass, with a smile and the appropriate swahili greeting dependent on age. It’s learning the language of the country you love (evenly slowly) because it SHOWS that you love it and you’re really in it.

And so as much as I may have wanted to just TELL them these things. Sometimes showing them is the best way to communicate. Sometimes all I need to do is say “shikamoo” to the elderly bibi who has seen more in her days than I can ever imagine, to see her eyes light up and here her respond “marahaba”.



*note – In Swahili “shikamoo” is a greeting reserved for those older than you. It denotes respect. It literally translates to something along the lines of “I bow at your feet” and the response “marahaba” is meant to mean “I receive your respect”.