Tano Photo Tuesday

Here we are. Tano (5 in Swahili) photo tuesday!


I love how much the kids at Neema love each other. I caught this adorable photo of Gloria and Baraka being precious. hah. Seriously. How sweet.


The week roundup is never complete without a photo of Tumaini. These are some adorable pajamas and again, he loves hanging out in the stuffed animal bin. Way to be precious, Tuma. He’s now almost 9 months old!


I moved! I know, you’re probably a bit confused. I’m still working on settling in and stuff so hopefully eventually a real post/update will come but in the mean time, here’s the new house! I don’t live here alone, but currently with 4 other volunteers. It’s a bit further from town (but still only .30 cents to get into town on the overcrowded mini buses called “dala dala”s) It’s been interesting trying to figure out my new neighborhood! More to come as I explore of course.


On Friday I went back out to Masai land. When we visited Bahati’s family, we were told about a mama who had new born twins that the village was very concerned about. We drove all the way back out there this week (and even farther than last weeks trip) and picked up this mama and her two week old twins. IMG_6544

The twins, Anna and Joseph, each weigh about 2 kilos (about 4 pounds) though they seemed so much smalled. This is Joseph here. The people in the village were concerned that the Mama was not producing enough milk and the children seemed to have some sort of bone deformity. We brought them right to the hospital when we got to town.


Here’s a 6th photo just for fun. When we were getting ready to leave the village EVERYONE wanted their photo taken. Here’s a group picture before we left.


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