Five Minute Friday!

Okay. 5 photo friday is moved and will now be Tano Photo Tuesday! (tano is 5 in Swahili) It just never happened on Friday anyway….

Plus in an attempt to start writing more, I am going to attempt to participate in “5 minute friday” which you can read more about by clicking the image below.

Unfortunately the first of my five minute friday is happening on Saturday because my friday was crazy. More about that later (sorry). This weeks topic is “fill” and basically I’m just suppose to write about this for 5 minutes! So here we go, the first exercise in 5 minute friday!

I look around the room, where oh where is the hot water….

I have a screaming baby on my hip. All he wants is some milk. In a perfect world his mother would be able to provide that… but oh how broken this world is.

This is a scene that has played out time and time again, in daily life at Neema House. Babies abandon, with no hope. Tiny, helpless, innocent little ones, with no one to care for them. All they know to do is cry when they need something, where oh where is their mama to hear their cry?

I find the flask of hot water. Fill up to the 3 line and then add cold water to make it 4. Add 4 scoops of formula. Cap it, shake it. Find his eager little mouth. It’s quite now, except for the small sucking sounds. I look into his eyes. All he knows is he had a need and it’s been met. All he knows is he is being satisfied. Soon he will be full. Soon he will head off to sleep.

I’ll kiss his forehead as I lay him in bed. At least knowing for now he’s had his fill. Until next time….