5 Photo Friday (late)

I know. Late again. But late is better than never right? Friday was so so so busy with a trip out to Masai land to visit Bahati’s family. I will include a picture here and stay tuned for a blog post about the incredible day! But basically I got home, ate, showered and was in bed before 9. Haha.



I snapped this cute photo on one of our morning walks of Doris and Dawson. Our babies rarely sit one to a stroller, two or three is the norm. But it also gives opportunity for cute photos like this! Doris and Dawson are only one day apart, both about 5 months old. Doris’ mom died in childbirth, but her dad comes to visit often. Dawson was abandoned on the outskirts of town.


Last weekend Shaban(i) came to join us at Neema. He’s probably about 7 months old, and was abandoned, but his mother was found. He’s currently in a bit of a transition and is staying at Neema in the meantime while Social Welfare figures out the best thing for him. He’s a smiley little boy who seems to have been well taken care of. Situations like this always seem to bring more questions than there are ever answers for.

Picture 2




Of course the week would not be complete without a photo of Tumaini. He was playing in this bucket for awhile one evening. He was laughing so much, and thought it was the best. Though he’s not a stuffed animal, he is certainly very snuggly. What a precious little boy.


Like I said, Friday we went out to Bahati’s village. His aunt (on the right) had JUST given birth on our way out there. We were able to stop and buy some sugar and other gifts for the family on our way to the village. They were so excited for our visit to fall on the same day as the birth of their little girl. This mama had her baby right here in this house, with her mother (on the left). Thankfully the birth went well and the little girl was healthy. I love the look on this mothers face as she is looking down at her little girl.


Okay one more villlage picture (blog to come later I promise). Here is the village chief. When we met him my jaw about hit the floor seeing that he was wearing this “Lake Okoboji” sweatshirt. Miles and miles away from town, thousands from Okoboji, and here it was. This is Africa. You’d never believe the assortment of states/tourist locations/colleges i see “advertised” on clothing here.