5 Photo Friday

And 5 Photo Friday is falling on Saturday again this week.. Pole (sorry) for that.



This is Zawadi and Tumaini. Zawadi has decided she LOVES to have her photo taken and on this day because I brought my good camera to Neema she just kept posing and saying “picha, picha!” because she just wanted me to keep taking her photo. She’s super precious and about to turn 2!



Tumaini is getting SO big these days! I mean, he’s 8 months now. He has his two bottom front teeth and the two top front ones are ready to pop any day now. He loves to stand up, though he can’t do it on his own. He has the best little giggle, and I love how his eyes light up when I come in the room. He will be hard to leave.



Gloria is such a little Mama. She loves to play with Tuma, I think because I have him with me often. She gives him lots of kisses and tries to get him to talk. Gloria’s vocabulary has been EXPLODING recently, which is so fun. She’s incredibly smart. She also loves to have a baby doll tied to her back, like shown here.




This is Briac! He’s from France and he’s been spending time at Neema for the past 5 months or so. He stays at a homestay in town, but he comes out to Neema most afternoons. He was climbing trees with kids and they loved it. He’s only got about a month left here in TZ, but I’m excited to see how his future plans and ideas to help the street kids of Arusha develop. 



My birthday was the 24th! Here I am with my two best girls, hah, Gloria and Zawadi. I made this flower crown and Gloria LOVED it. She didn’t even want to take it off to have her bath. I’m officially 25 now so I’ve joked I can start my quarter life crisis. I don’t think I ever would have expected to be here when I turned 25 but I am so glad I am. It’s been 10 months, and to be honest I’m not sure if/when I’ll be back in the States. But that’s okay. God knows and He has a plan. 

Stay tuned for next week?!