5 photo Friday

Here is the latest installment of 5 photo friday! And it’s actually friday. Karibu! (welcome)
IMG_20140712_142105IMG_20140712_142224Okay so this is two photos but I wanted to give perspective. This is Aston’s the place where we had the Christmas party. I was able to stop by there on Saturday and have a look around. It looked like a brand new place! Hannah had fundraised for a new toilet/shower block and some other volunteers had helped to make a new dorm building and classroom. Also most of the kids are sponsored to go a good English medium school in town now, so unfortunately none of them were there at that moment I stopped by. I was so impressed by how many improvements had been made. It was awesome.

10544337_587799461338758_4947117123906725102_nBarry (one of our recent volunteers) snapped this picture on one of our morning walks. The kids love to get out of the compound and go around a bit. Sometimes it can feel crazy and I get nervous about cars, but its worth it. It does get crazy sometimes though when more than two kids want to hold your hand because then they fight or I end up them holding (or pulling down) my skirt.

IMG_20140714_142956I’ve been spending more time in the crawling room since Tumaini moved up. There is 7 kiddos here, all in between the crawling and walking stage. This is the before nap time ritual of milk, with Tumaini right there in the front.

Picture 2

We went to the Tengeru market, just outside Arusha. It’s like a thrift store explosion. Tons of used clothes and shoes (and then plenty of food, and household items). I was really really set on getting a good pair of shoes since it’s been so cold recently (read about 55-60 degrees in the morning/night). I was able to score these almost new Puma’s for about $9. I also got a few shirts and things for practically nothing. It’s a sweet place to go for some newish clothes, but for some people is very overwhelming.


Today Little Zawadi is having a hard time with teething. She was feverish and very whiny. Of course as soon as I picked her up Tumaini got very jealous and wouldn’t stop crying until I picked him up as well. Tis life at Neema some days.