5 photo Friday

So, since I am not the best at regularly blogging I’ve stolen the idea of 5 photo friday. It also just so happens that the first 5 photo friday will be posted on a saturday because that’s just how life works sometimes. Hopefully this will give you little glimpses into my life here in Tanzania, and that I will have some photos to look back on years later.

I realized while talking to another American recently that it can become very easy for me to forgot that most of the things I see and do daily are not common occurrences back home. Women don’t regularly carry unbelievably heavy things on their heads, ridiculously large objects are not balanced on the back of motorbikes, and mini vans are stuffed full of upwards of 25 people. Sometimes I have to remind myself, THIS is Africa after all… So here is my attempt to share a bit of my world. Disclaimer: there will probably also be lots of baby pictures.

The triplets turned two, so obviously it was an occasion for cake. This is Bahati loving him some cakey as the kids (and staff) call it. Basically any word that ends with an “e” takes on the “y” sound.

July 8 was huge because the triplets finally got to go home! They have been at Neema from when there were born, and now that they are two and healthy they are being reintegrated into their family. Their mom and one sister came and spent 4 days at Neema spending time with the girls and helping them get more comfortable with them. They will be checked in on often and provided with food/education assistance. Their family is so happy to have them home.


Tumaini got a bit of a fungal infection on top of his head that was quite itchy. The only way to really be able to apply the cream for it was to shave his head. So we bid farewell to his lovely kiduku (mohawk) and now he looks like such a big boy! He’s also started crawling (well, army crawling) and has been moved to the crawling room. Back there he has a lot more fun I think, he was getting tired of the teeny tiny babies.

Picture 4

Ahhhh sun! It’s cold season here which means most days it hovers between 65-75 F but is almost always overcast in the morning. By mid day the sun peaks out a bit most days. But on this fortunate Thursday the weather was SO beautiful. The sun came up in the morning and stayed around all day with weather in the low 80s. Super pleasant and wonderful for this girl who is missing real summer.

And there you have it! My first (of hopefully many) 5 photo fridays!