Mama Debora

deborahThey (orphanages) always say you will fall in love with one baby. You will want to keep them. You know we cannot bend the rules.

I told myself I would not have favorites. I would not give my heart away to one baby. I would not, I would not, I would not.

But then I met little Debora.

Love was slow. At first I rarely spent time with her. After all I was always busy with the Toddlers. Someone always wanted to be picked up or swung around or played with. But then one Sunday we brought Debora to church, and even though I didn’t spend a ton of time with her that day, I knew I loved her. The next week I got to bring her to church with me and the group we went with, and we went for lunch afterwards. While I was holding her, and carrying her around and feeding her I realized, I am in love.

Precious precious little Debora. Her mother had been fired from her job and ran away with her and was all on her own. A kind woman invited baby Debora’s mother in. After going out for awhile the woman came back to check on them and found that Debora’s mother had stolen all her valuables and ran away, leaving Debora. How could she have confused such precious treasure!

The nannies have taken to calling me “Mama Debora”, as it is common practice to call a mother by the name of their first born. I have to say, I don’t mind it much. The hope is one day Debora will be adopted into a loving new family. In the mean time, I will cherish each and every day I get to spend loving her.