Sometimes we learn, and re learn, and re learn…

I am loved by God.
This is my reality.
I am loved by God.
This is my declaration.

I am a romantic.

I don’t mean that I love Valentine’s day or empty flattery in relationships.
I don’t mean that I have dreamed about my wedding day since I was five, and planned out every detail.
I don’t mean that I believe in love at first sight or that everyone should marry their high school sweetheart or that The Notebook should be an example of true love for anyone.

When i say I am a romantic, I mean that I believe my God is a God who loves deeply, who longs for me as a bride, and so I have begun to see the beautiful things in life as gifts from the one who is ravished by a single glance from me.
I mean that one day, if I have children, I will be overcome with joy and the beauty of it all, of a person growing inside of me. It will be enough to bring me to my knees.
I mean that sunrises and flowers and the idea of finally being able to hold hands with the one God has given me to walk this earth with makes my heart race.
I mean that I see the violence and depravity of the cross as a proposal to come closer, that the blood of my Savior is more beautiful than any diamond ring could ever dream of being.
I mean that when He calls me “friend”, when He calls me “daughter”, I am often moved to tears.
I mean that I am finally grasping at the fact that when I say “You are beautiful,” He is repeating it back to me seventy times seven times and multiplying its meaning in a way I will never understand.
I mean that the God I serve is the epitome of beautiful and I will waste my life showing others what it truly means to be a romantic. What it really means to be in love. What it really means to encounter beauty. And I will pray that every breath carries even the smallest glimpse into what His heart has to say for the people around me.

I am loved by God.

“Let God have you, and let God love you – and don’t be surprised if your heart begins to hear music you’ve never heard and your feet learn to dance as never before.”   -Max Lucado