Arrivals and Transitions

I’m here.

I’m really here.

After approximately 30 hours of travel time, I am HERE.

I landed at Kilimanjaro airport very early in the morning, about 2:45 (local time). I easily passed through immigration (hallelujah!) and then stood waiting for my bags. I waited and waited and eventually one came through. I waited and waited some more and the other never came. I talked with a man who worked there (and was very friendly) and he helped me fill out a form for my lost bag. Hopefully it will come soon. It was mostly filled with supplies for Neema, but a few personal items as well.

Godlove, Neema house’s driver, was there to pick me up. It was very nice to meet him, and I was very glad he was up so very early. It is about an hour car ride to where Neema is from the airport. Godlove was impressed with the amount of Kiswahili I already knew, and already told me I should find a husband here in Tanzania. It was quite humerous.

When we arrived at the volunteer house, and I settled in a little I went to sleep. It was about 5 am. I woke around 9:30 and decided to try the day. I was very anxious to finally meet these little treasures. I found my way over to the baby home, clearly marked by signs (thankfully). Its just around the corner from the volunteer house, a very short walk. Upon arrival I realized it was nap time for most of the babies. There were a few not napping, including a little blog of love named Bahati. He is so chubby! Haha. But very very precious. I spent quite awhile just playing with him a bit and then out of nowhere he fell asleep on me. He must’ve been pretty tired after all.

After awhile everyone woke up and had lunch. Then we went to the backyard to play for awhile. Here I got to meet quite a few more babies. After a bit, Godlove took me into town to exchange money and to the grocery store to pick up some items. After I returned I went back to play with the babies some more and ended up staying until around 6:30pm! Finally I realized I was very very tired and went back to the house. I had a pb+j sandwich, updated facebook to tell everyone I had arrived, and went to bed by 8pm. I slept all night very very heavy (and didnt hear our electric fence malfunctions which apparently woke a few people around 5:30 am). I woke up at 7 and got ready and went to the baby home around 8am.

This morning we took a very long walk with the big babies and toddlers. I have been spending most of my time with the toddlers as they are very very active! It is a lot of fun though. They are all so very precious. I could not believe my eyes when I met this little boy named Franki. Many said he would probably never walk, and he cruises along very quickly! What a beautiful site. I am learning names and practicing my Swahili and giving lots of cuddles and kisses, and receiving just as many. What beautiful beautiful children. My heart is so so so full.

The babies will probably be waking shortly, and so I will be heading back shortly. Thats all for now!