Camp life

Things have been very very busy at camp but we officially have our first youth camp and our first family camp under our belts! Its been a whirlwind of a couple weeks that’s for sure.

Camp feels so much like home. I’ll be honest, it is kind of difficult some days to think of leaving here. Now that I am back living in such intentional community with some incredible friends I wish I could just stay here. But I know that come August 10th, camp will end for the summer and everyone will go their own ways. I feel confident saying camp is a little glimmer into what heaven may be some day. Just a teeny tiny glimmer but still. The beauty of community and the atmosphere of constant prayer and worship is mind blowing at times.

I have been so focused with things here at camp I have not quite been able to focus much on prepping for Tanzania. However, I have been getting a lot of reading done! I am currently reading ” Gracias” by Henri Nouwen. It is an incredible read and I highly recommend it. He talks of the time he spent in Bolivia and Peru and living amongst the poor and discerning if he is called there long term. There are so many times while reading it that I feel he is speaking straight from my heart.

I also recently finished reading through Genesis. God brought to focus the story of Abraham, which I have read many times but this time it seemed so new. The promise God made to Abraham, that he would be the father of the multitude, is similar to the promise God gave me as a mother of many! It was such an incredible realization and I was just so so so thankful for His faithfulness and goodness to keep His promises!

So that’s what has been going on recently! I hope to really become a more regular blogger but no promises….

Blessings to you and yours!