Why Tanzania? Why now?

Ever since Cross Fire returned from our three months (Jan-April 2012) in East Africa I’ve known I needed to return. I left so much of my heart there. I fell in love with the people and the culture. Despite the struggles and hardships, it felt like home. I also knew God had work planned for me here in Minnesota. Throughout the fall of 2012 I experienced incredible healing and freedom from past hurts. I finally realized my identity in Christ. It’s such a beautiful thing to live in communion with the Father of Love.

Over the last year and a half I’ve received the prophetic word that I would be a “mother of many” 6 times. Over New Years I was at the IHOP OneThing conference and I asked the Lord what that meant and when? He told me it could not happen until I was secure in my identity in Him. He said “How can you raise up my princesses and princes without knowing you are one as well? How will they know they are My Beloved if you do not believe you are My Beloved!” And I really took that to heart.

I finally TRULY believe I am His Beloved and His desire is for me.

In March I met a woman who had traveled to South America 10 years ago and had every intention to go back, but she never got to. We had a simple conversation in which I mentioned I was thinking about maybe going back to Tanzania for a month… and she just asked me why I was not going back right now. I went home and sought the Lord as to why I wasn’t there and what was holding me back. He told me to go, that I need not worry. That now is the time. I have no debt, no serious relationship, no huge obligations or financial commitments.

So I looked. I found this baby orphanage in Arusha. I started emailing with them and asking questions. The more I sought Him the more clear He made it. Every person I talked to about it (in the discernment process) was so excited and said things like “this is perfect for you” or “I always knew this was coming”. It was truly a beautiful thing to receive so much encouragement right off the bat. My hearts desire is to declare His love and life and destiny and identity into these little children.

At first I was worried about finances. But the Lord has told me through my obedience He will provide.

I thank you for your time reading this, and would love if you would be in prayer about supporting me financially. I cannot do this with out you.